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Yiqi  Zhang

Yiqi Zhang

B2B International Sales
Copenhagen, Københavns


Om Yiqi Zhang :

Dear HR,
Hope you are doing very well!” Who are you?” You may have a such question mark.
Well, I am a professional salesperson and not just an average sale only taking sales is just a job, I indeed respect sales the role itself, as it is also where my passion and dreamland is, I am ambitious. And hardworking, a quick learner, a fast actioner, a problem solver, a new business, developer, a useful team player, a revenue contributor as well as a land-to-earth speaker, a colorful communicator, a real executive with a strong sense of responsibility, a real humble doer!
I know you may have a lot of candidates to consider, thus you could have questions such as” What makes you stand out?”
Well, good question, besides the proven track experience, professionalism, attitude, and action, I believe it is about the passion for sales, resistance to being a good team player, and determination to excellent deals. I don’t live in my comfort zone; I still have the hunter spirit just like a freshman filled with a coachable attitude.
I am not doing it all type, I am eager to learn, willing to share, happy to listen to
customers and colleagues, glad to speak out good ideas, and excited about
developing new markets and targets. I am not perfect, thus I am constantly on the
way to improving my skills, whether soft or hard, by reading business books,
listening, speaking, reflecting, and thinking. I am not leaving- it-for-tomorrow type, I would like to beyond the expectation before the deadline. Customers always like to be delighted. I am none-of-my- business, if anyone comes to ask me questions, I will try to spend some time on it, and if I also don’t know, there will be another way to figure it out. I am not a selfish or know-it-all team player, together, we can go
further, thus team spirit is very important to me, we need to think about others and try to give a hand when they are in need.
Currently, I do have a part-time role, but that is not enough!
It is time for me to stay on a good platform full-time if you indeed need a real
A salesperson who can stay long and constantly spreads optimistic energy always smiles at customers’ tricky questions, is filled with strong responsibility, and take actions with strong execution, super motivated by growing together with the
the team shall stay with the team for years, I believe it must be a great fit now!
It doesn’t matter if you can afford a high base salary or not, as we are in sales, you make a living by commission and bonus, but for me, it is very important that we treat each other with transparent and respect, I can be a very valuable asset to the team if you are kind and good to the employees and team players.
I am super actively seeking the right job at the right platform, and I believe that you have the same mood to find the right employee for the team, and if you are open-minded, the company is going to be big, willing to take the talents with various backgrounds, filled with goal-oriented determination, I believe one online interview will worth it!
P.S. It was never my intention to switch jobs if it was not because of
1. The company went down and couldn’t afford my salary.
2. The company didn’t have any plans for individual career development.
3. The whole team was too happy with the comfort zone to hold the ambition.
I am a typical hunter, and I get used to responding fast once the decision is made, so yes or no, please also give me a quick answer, since both of our time is very precious, respect shall always be the best way to reach a win-win situation
Thank you very much for your patience!
I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Best Regards,


UK Market Business Developer(Part-Time) —PIF International, Copenhagen
● Responsible for PIF mobile app business development in the UK market
● Building Partnerships with NGOs, Charities, Brands, Chain Restaurants, FMCG
Distributors, Stores and so forth
EMEA Account Executive—Boostlingo LLC, Copenhagen
JUNE 2022 — NOVEMBER 2022
● Manage the entire sales cycle from finding a client to securing a deal
● Unearth new sales opportunities through current sales tools e.g. Cognism, ZoomInfo,
Salesforce, Outreach, Sales Navigator, LinkedIn, Hubspot, and networking and turn them
into long-term partnerships
● Go for the demo meetings with prospective clients and previous clients, constantly set up
follow-up steps/plans/meetings, and close the deals
● Responsible for New Market Development for the RSI (Remote Simultaneous
Interpretation) in EMEAA (Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia), across very many
different industries, including but not limited to Textile, IT, Market Research, Food,
Beverages, Industrial, Agriculture, Media, Tobacco, NGO, Governmental, Pharmaceutical,
Retail, LSP/LSC, and so forth
● Market Research, bring the feedback, industry language, pain points, concerns, and
problems from the target market such as End Users (Commercial companies, LSP, NGOs),
sort out them and do the reflection and analysis, then share with the team and execute
the updated market strategy
● Support OPI(on-the-phone interpretation) and VRI(video remote interpretation) sales
● team for RSI customer meetings
● Capable of accomplishing 20+ meetings within 5 working days and closing the deal
within 2 working days, totally ran more than 100 meetings with 3months
● Can make 300 call per day, and can have build efficient conversations rapidly in new
● Customers include: The Walt Disney Company, ZIMMER+ROHDE, Scandinavian Tobacco
Global Partnerships Manager—Calldorado ApS, Copenhagen
FEBRUARY 2022 — MAY 2022
● Making outbound phone calls to both existing and potential new customers e.g. the APP
Publishers( can be an individual person also can be small/middle/big size companies)
● Meeting or exceeding production goals, primarily by converting leads into qualified
referrals resulting in closed mortgage loans
● Dealing with App growth, Revenue Growth, Monetization, User Engagement, UA, and so
Honors & Awards
Best Record of the Sales Team 2022
-Boostlingo LLC
Fastest Meeting Booking Partnerships
Manager Ever 2022
- Calldorado
Performer of the Year 2021
- aPureBase
The Training Lecturer of the Year 2019
Top 3 Sales the Year of 2018 at CDMCClose
24 Deals with 24 companies’
Founders/CEOs/DMs within 4 months
Top 5 Sales the Year of 2017
Wu dialect

● Responsible for developing new potential App publishers and finding the match for the
SDK. Organizing the meetings for two parties
● The Fastest Meeting booking person ever in the history of the company
Global Customer Analyst—aPureBase, Copenhagen
JUNE 2021 — FEBRUARY 2022
● Providing EU Private&Public Dental Clinics+Dentists+Dental Hygienists Data
● Supporting US based Biotech to Commercialization Alone in EU
● Support Med-tech Companies with Global HCP&HCO Master Data
● Booking more than 50 meetings in the Nitch EU and US Pharmaceutical market in
within 4months
International Sales and Project Manager—CDMC, Shanghai
JANUARY 2017 — JULY 2019
● In charge of international automotive-related industry summits. Mainly regarding sales,
also include marketing, on-phone sales, and production
● Inspire the team mainly sales including myself every day, to grow and develop individual
sales goals that increased average client bases by 108
● Projected expected sales volume and profit for existing and new accounts while reducing
expenditures by 20%
● Analyse and study the cost, competition,changing market and industry trends from
various aspect, adjusting sales prices to maintain a 30 net profit margin
● Responsible for making brand new strategies for our projects/summits periodically e.g.,
New Energy Vehicle Summit, Intelligent Vehicle summit, and Auto Finance Summits
● Cultivate relationships with potential customers, identify needs, and gain excellent
feedback on 96% of customer review, also Engage with customers daily
● Deep conversations with the target markets clients, figure out their pain and problems,
sensitively knowing what the market wind and summarizing the solutions in urgent(Peers
and Clients)
● Preliminary research, target main market/clients, sales, production, the place of strategic
● Differentiated competition training, marketing(especially digital marketing), and business
development, ads, planning, strategy, new market discovery, excavation, and expansion
● Skills train(especially overseas and domestic sales, from white paper/medium-basic
qualification-learning to negotiate-slowly self-contained system, also encourage sales to
help the pitch sense of production people and marketing people)
● Organize internal team meetings weekly
● Visit customers' offices for sponsor meetings and invite customers to our office for
strategy agreements.
● Assign different updated tasks to my team members including the Sales team, production
people, design people, marketing team, and so forth
● Customers include but are not limited to: Shell, ExxonMobil, BP, Continental, Bosch,
BorgWarner, Benteler, Valeo, BYD, Huawei, Ricardo, Bosch, Mahle, Continental, Delphi,
Valeo, Benteler, Durr, Siemens, Panasonic, PwC, ZF, Experian, Faurecia, Schaeffler,
Eaton, BASF,...
● Close 24 Deals with 24 companies’ Founders/CEOs/DMs within 4 months
● Just achieve more than 2.5millions revenue for the company individual alone
Senior International Sales Consultant—Borscon Business Consulting Inc., Shanghai
JULY 2014 — JANUARY 2017
● Making outbound phone calls to both existing and potential new customers, 3 hours on
the phone every day, close deals every week with different companies numbers from 1 up
to 5+.
● Answer inbound leads(calls, emails)
● Use effective sales and inbound/outbound telephone techniques to build client
relationships and uncover product and service needs
● Develop new business opportunities by effectively communicating product lines to
● Create new revenue streams by cultivating successful partnerships with customers
● Closing the deal, also handle the following payment and invoice
● Projects range from Green/New Energy Vehicles, Automotive Aftermarket, Automotive
Finance, Intelligent Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles, and so on.
● Good at building a long-term close friendship with the DM of different types of
companies within a short time.
Mainly responsible for developing new markets.
Bachelor, Wenzhou University, Wenzhou
SEPTEMBER 2009 — JUNE 2013
Graduated with high honor
Outstanding Top Graduate the Year of 2013 Zhejiang Province
Copenhagen Business Academy, Copenhagen
Marketing Management
References available upon reques


Marketing Management   Copenhagen Business Academy 

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