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Assistant Professors of Molecular Microbiology (BB-1BC6E)

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Job descriptions:

Position 1: The project involves the identification of novel intracellular targets for peptide and PNA based antibiotics and the identification of bacterial envelope permeabilizing peptides (EPPs). Combinatorial peptide libraries will be designed, generated and expressed intracellularly to identify both hit peptides/compounds as well as to reveal novel molecular targets for antibiotics. Peptides that are interfering with bacterial growth identified in the screening will act as novel lead peptides for further drug development.

Position 2: The project involves understanding of how PNA conjugated to cell penetrating peptides translocate across the Gram-negative envelope, to reach its intracellular target, and how the bacteria becomes resistant to these.


Highly motivated and ambitious candidates are encouraged to apply. The assistant professor’s duties will primarily focus on research, including obligations with regard to publication/scientific communication and research-based teaching with associated examination. To a limited extent, this may also include performance of other duties.

Required qualifications for position 1:

  • You have a PhD in molecular microbiology or equivalent
  • Extensive experience in recombinant DNA technology with primarily Escherichia coli and ideally also with additional Gram-negative bacteria
  • Experience in genetically encoded peptide display technologies
  • Hands-on experience in antimicrobial susceptibility testing
  • Experience in fluorescence techniques in bacterial cell biology
  • Strong publication record
    Required qualifications for position 2:

  • You have a PhD in molecular microbiology, genetics or similar
  • Extensive experience in recombinant DNA technology with primarily Escherichia coli and ideally also with additional Gram-negative bacteria
  • Hands-on experience with antimicrobial susceptibility testing
  • Experience with DNA/RNA-sequencing, adaptive laboratory evolution studies or similar approaches
  • Understanding of the cell envelope in E. coli
  • Assessment of applicants will primarily consider their level of documented, internationally competitive research. The ability to attract external funding will be considered together with outreach qualifications. Teaching qualifications are not mandatory but documented teaching qualifications and teaching experience will be considered.

    Six overall criteria apply for assistant professor appointments at the University of Copenhagen. The six criteria (research, teaching, societal impact, organisational contribution, external funding and leadership) are considered a framework for the overall assessment of candidates. Furthermore, each candidate must be assessed according to the specific requirements stated in the job advertisement. Please read more at .

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